Way to Pick Up on Girls

There are 3 Tips for you. That could help you to take action, and solve most common problem when you try to pick up a girl. I hope it can help you get the sense of interaction. After you feel that sense you will improve your pick up skills soon. Just take action as soon as you can, practice makes perfect!

Tip 1 – Don’t stand there, just dreaming.

Yes, that is what most guys did. They see a girl, a really really hot girl but do nothing with it. Think what you really want, what can change your life. Can you change your life with dreaming but do nothing? Wake up man! I know when you see that girls you are scared. Why you scared to approach her? How other people think you if she rejected you? Hey, that’s not important at all, let me tell you a secret. Everybody will do that, they wonder how other people think about them. The imagination is so powerful, the more they think the more they be scared. So don’t use your most powerful leverage to stop yourself. Just do it, right here right now. If you are quick enough, your mind has no time to scare you. When see s girl you are interested in, just take action that’s all.

Tip 2 – If you are scared how should you do?

If you don’t take action as soon as possible, you have problem that you can’t move on. In this moment, you can try another way that make eye contact with her. Eye contact is one of communications, in this way your can see what her react. While you do eye contact you should remember that be confident, if you have low self confidence girls could feel it. The truth is that no girls like a man who has low self confidence. If you don’t like yourself first then nobody will like you. Good news is that when you try to talk to girls again again and again, you will have it.

Tip 3 – Don’t be serious

Don’t be serious, nothing important. There are two pressure, one is good pressure the other is bad pressure. Good pressure can help you to approach you goal quickly and it can activate your potential. But bad pressure is not, it could stop you doing what you want to do. So take care! What you want is good pressure, that make you excited.

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