why are bearpaw so cheap?Bearpaw boots are cheap because people are comparing them directly with ugg which are of course much more expensive and since there are similarities in design between some of them direct comparisons are made.The price does not reflect any cost cutting in manufacturing at all.Since bearpaw boots are so cheap are they good? me tell you. They are well made and do not fall apart,like some people expect. The question people should be asking is.Why are other makes so expensive.Are bearpaw boots as comfortable as ugg?This question is asked again and again. I have been asked this question so many times.The answer is yes. You or your feet will not be able to tell the difference.My personal opinion is they are very comfortable, as you would expect from a well made pair of boots and if you put on a pair of ugg, then immediately after a pair of bearpaw you are not going to notice any difference between them at all. I dare you to tell me which pair is which without seeing the label.If bearpaw boots are so good why is everyone not wearing them?Let me tell you a little secret. Everyone is buying them, and a lot of people are saying they are wearing ugg when they are really wearing bearpaw boots. They are having the last laugh.Try telling them will not find a shop selling ugg and bearpaw side by side. Do you want to know why? All you need to do is look at them and the answer is staring at you. They look pretty much identical.Are Bearpaw made from synthetic or cheap materialsNo. they are made from exactly the same materials as other more expensive makes. Sheepskin or suede.why are people buying other more expensive makes then?Just so you know the score.People think they are better because they are more expensive, that simply is not true. In the current financial climate people should be saving money not spending double the amount for similar boots. Do not be fooled into doing by this.

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