Should You Buy Article Marketing Robot?

Today I am going to talk about Article Marketing Robot. It’s a great tool that I use to rank in the search engines FAST and I highly recommend it for everyone who is serious about SEO. So, is Article Marketing Robot a scam? No. Is it the best article marketing software that I know? YES! In this review I am going to tell you the truth about this software. There are a few things that I don’t like about it, but there are a ton of things that I like.

Article Marketing Robot Review – Why It’s Important

First of all, let’s talk about article marketing. We all know it works. We all know that links from articles are much higher quality, than just some links from forums or blog comments. Why? Think about this. When you have to make an important decision, would you rather ask for advice from someone who you know and trust, or from a random person that you have just met?

It’s the same with link building. The links from articles are much higher quality, because Google trusts these sites, because they are authority sites.

Article Marketing Robot Review In Depth

So now that you know why article marketing is so important for link building, let’s actually start the Article Marketing Robot review. So what this software does? Basically, it takes your article and submits to many many article directories. You get two benefits:

1. You get direct traffic from article directories.

2. You build backlinks (this is the most important thing, of course

And yes, I said that it submits to a TON of sites. I usually submit to about 600 different sites and each of them gives me two backlinks, so I build 1200 backlinks with a push of a button!

However, if you choose to submit your article at once to all directories, Google will not like this. But, with Article Marketing Robot there’s an option for you to schedule the submission. Nice!

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Here’s what other people say about this, in my opinion, the best article marketing software:

I just wanted to thank you. Your Article Marketing Robot software is the best I’ve ever seen and used for link building – in the past I tried many of them, but honestly, this works much better!.

I really like that everything is AUTOMATED. Signing up for article directories is EASY with this software, everything is automated, and there’s just one thing that I can tell you about the inbuilt synonym thesaurus – WOW!.

I really like the fact that Article Marketing Robot submits my articles to 1000 sites – can you imagine how much time I save?

I don’t like the fact that you made this article marketing software available for everyone – I highly recommend that you increase the price of this product ASAP!

Many thanks for a really great product

Richard Trussler


10% – 20% of the total submissions fail
It takes a while to set up


COMPLETELY automated once it’s set up
Supports a ton of sites (over 1000)
Wonderful support
You can schedule article submissions
Helps to rank in the search engines FAST

This is the end of Article Marketing Robot review. In conclusion, this is the best article marketing software that I’ve ever used – saves a lot of time and heck, you only need to invest once. Other tools like this charge monthly fees!

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