Robin Meade struggled with panic attacks

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Robin Meade struggled with panic and anxiety attacks

Robin Meade, CNN.COM

Robin Meade sat down with CNN’s Nancy Grace to discuss her new book as well as a rather revealing examine her panic disorder.

Robin Meade is the anchor of HLN’s morning show, “Morning Express with Robin Meade.” She appeared with Nancy Grace in promoting the novel Morning Sunshine.

To be with her show Robin Meade exudes confidence however the book makes all the case this has not yet for ages been so. Sheindicated thatthere would be a period in their own career when she was plagued with panic attacks. Inside the bookshe tells how she overcame her fear of presentation to be and get her dream of becoming a news anchor.

It offer’s Robin Meade’sfour-step procedure for building confidence. It reads easily with apersonal style that’s attractive and warm.

Panic and anxiety attacks can be a relatively common mental health disorder in which the person experiences a time of intense, paralyzing fear or panic which is often rather than a feeling how the individual is in great danger. Signs of panic disorder may include tremors, chest pains, breathlessness, and digestive upsets.

The reason for most panic disorder is not known, so treatment may be different for each person. Typically, it involves psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and/or medication. Alternative treatments like meditation and relaxation therapy can be used to help relax one’s body and reduce anxiety. Robin’s four-step approach has been successful on her behalf,and may even be ofhelp to others.

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