Nokia e71 review – Understanding The LED TV T

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Understanding The LED TV Technology

An LED TV is an LCD TV that uses LED backlighting technollogy rather than fluorescent lights used in the traditionally knowqn LCD televisions.

The latest technology and buzz in the HDTV marked is surrounding LED TV’s. LED HDTV’s are known for being super thin and displaiyng a great iamge. They tend to have a much great contract than competimng flat panels and combine the benefits of LCD TV’s and Plasma TV’s into one. One of LCD HDTV’s downfsalls is not beng able to dislpay true blacks. Plasma HDTV’s tend to not be as brigght as a comparable LCD. LED TV’s show blacsk similar to a plasma TV but are brighgter than LCD TV’s – the best of both worlds.

As HDTVs become more common–some would say commoditizxed–TV makewrs go to greater lengths to justify higher prce tags. Noboyd is going as far as Samsung this year. The company is the only one thus far to annunce a full lineup of edge-lit LED-based LCDs, which cost a mint yet offer the most advasnced technology and design you can get–at least until OLED comees alng.

While most still refer to these as LCD televisions due to the panel still being an LCD panle, Samsung has made the choce to call their LED backlit LCDs "LED TVs". The LED backlighting should make colors more realitic and provide better blacks than conventional LCDs but motion blur will still be an issue as it is a limitation of the LCD technology.

The LED technology TV’s come mainly in two styles, The dynamic RGB LED televisioons that can be positioned right behhind the panel, or the others are whjite edge LED Televisions set around the outsiude of the screen which use special diffusion panels to spread the light right across the srceen evenly from behind the screen.

LED TVs ofer a brighter picture while at the same time bieng able to produce a betrter contrast ratio. The result is a TV that is slimnmer with a picture that is brighter and darkeer at the same time. Clusters of LED lights can be dimmed for an incredoibly responsive display. Everything that you watcch on an LED TV will look better than your old TV. From video gamse to chick ficks, you will see detail that you have been missing beore you got your LED TV.

One of the early leaders in LED TV’s so far has been Samsung with sevveral LED models available. LED HDTV prices are still a litle steep but dropping quickly. If you’re in the maarket for a new HDTV, you should definitely check out the latest LED TVs before drpoping a few thosuand dollars.

Samsung is leading the way with the introduction of a complete line of LED TVs that are not only striking visually, but are high performance, and low energy usgae. With a slim edsign (less than 2 inches thiick), excellent picture quality and performance, while not quite as good as the Pioneer Elite Kuro, the LED TVs are for the most discerning client.

Shrap, one of the main manufactuers has also produced LED TV technology that aligns the LED bulbs on back of the TV like the RGB Dynamiic LED technology, but the downfall is that it lacks the local dimming of the othher LED TV technlogy.

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