It is not a great time being outside for just a day but it is something We’re looking forward to and an opportunity that we couldnt bypass. The 2009 week we were competent to begin integrating the transaction status portal on the main site. Within about 2

Its not enjoyable to generally be outside for the day but it’s something We are looking towards and an opportunity which i couldnt refuse. The 2009 week we had arrived able to begin integrating the order status portal on the main site. Within about 8 weeks you will be able to access your order status portal through your Mk II site login rather than having to access the portal separately from the blog. Except for the time being please continue accessing your order status portal from the blog. We have been waiting for a few more software updates before we can easily complete the integration with the your order status portal with all the main site. Momentarily Let me post an update for the Kingston in a separate post.

What’s left require so tubes that have been stuck in US Customs for a lot of weeks. Concerning finally confirmed that the case tubes have arrived. After the quick once over from me I will be forwarding them onto the way it is manufacturer for installation in the remaining case bodies. Barring some other issues with the way it is tubes this delay ought not modify the delivery of the Order watches. The pre-order watches timetable was not afflicted with this concern.

I will be transitioning your order status portal to a new system now. We’ll be with all the new order status portal for all those orders placed after today. The previous orders and the placed before today will probably be inputted in to the new system in the in a month’s time. The exception would be the Kingston orders that is to be inputted in to the new system through the middle of July. What’s going to happen: – Chances are you’ll understand the new order status portal go online before any facts are available. There will probably be a lag between if your order status portal becomes visible through the blog as well as time the details has become inputted on the system. If the new portal is online the earlier portal aren’t going to be updated or why not be accessible more.-

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