A Guide To Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

There are several different versions of Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds, here is a brief overview to help you understand the main differences in the varieties of Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds.After some conclusive research undertaken by The Attitude Seed Bank, we can now determine which Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds represent the very best features of the 1991 Chemdawg Original Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds. Starting with Reservior Seeds and their version of Sour Diesel, called Chemdawg. After receiving many positive reports of the Reservoir Seeds Chemdawg, The Attitude Seed Bank set about a grow of their own to fully evaluate this Sour Diesel Cannabis strain. Their findings mirrored the reviews that they were receiving. With an aroma of kerosene and pine, and a potency that is easily equal to other top quality Cannabis strains. As for the overall yield, whether you are a commercial grower, or just a gardener for personal use, Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds, Chemdawg is a sure fire winner.Chemdawg refers to the genetics discovered from seeds found in a bag of weed sold at a Grateful Dead show in Colorado. These seeds were planted and so started the now legendry Chemdawg line. A Chemdawg ’91 clone was brought into New York City and renamed Diesel or New York City Diesel, but this and the Chemdawg ’91 are one and the same Cannabis strain.Soma’s New York City Diesel is a Mexican Sativa x Afghani variety and is totally unrelated to either the Chemdawg ’91 clone or the true Diesel, Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds. There is no doubt that Soma’s New York City Diesel is a very nice Cannabis strain, but it does not compare to the true East Coast Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds. There are many people that still think that Soma named it New York City Diesel to create confusion about the origins of this Cannabis strain at a time when East Coast Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds were legendary. If so, it certainly worked, many people even today still wrongly believe that New York City Diesel are Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds under a different Cannabis Seed breeders name.For the very best Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds we recommend Reserva Privada. Reserva Privada are a collection of Cannabis Seed breeders who come together under the collective name of Reserva Privada in order to showcase their Cannabis strains. Although once part of DNA Genetics, another famous West Coast Cannabis Seed Company, Reserva Privada now stand alone as a company in their own right.Reserva Privada Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds contain the phenotypes most present in the Original East Coast Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds that everyone loved and made famous the world over. The calyxes swell and foxtail as maturity approaches, and these are covered in a thick coating of resin visible to the naked eye. A word of caution to indoor growers of these wonderful Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds, Reserva Privada have maintained the original aroma of the Sour Diesel and whilst in flower, the odour can become so pungent it can go through brick. Therefore extra carbon filters and odour filtration systems are a must if you are thinking of growing the legend that are Reserva Privada Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds.

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