6 advantages of Eating apples for women

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reason 1: to lose weight eating apples
A sort of a small apple contains only 60 to 100 kilo-calories, no fat, sodium free, in mm for a diet, it is no matter how good the food.University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, a study conducted in overweight middle-aged women were divided into three groups, each day, eat low-calorie diet, and were to eat three apples, three pears or 3 oatmeal cookies (3 kinds of food dietary fiber content equal); 12 weeks found that eating apples and pears women
Weight loss of 1.22kg, while the women eating oatmeal cookies weight change little. Apple is high in fiber, low-calorie food, eat apples is not easy to have the hunger and calorie intake, contribute to weight loss.

reason 2: the nutritional content of apples and other phytochemicals help fight cancer Obesity not only affects women’s daily work, life and beauty, but also likely to suffer from cancer. A Japanese research team of 15,054 cases of adult women for as long as 9 years of follow-up survey and found 668 cases of female cancer. The statistical analysis found that women with normal weight Resistance compared to overweight or obese women to risk of cancer increased by 29% -47%; female body mass index, the higher the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer and the greater the risk of gallbladder cancer. Studies suggest that overweight or obese is a risk factor for cancer of women. Then there is no
Is there any way to enable women to not only lose weight but also to prevent cancer? Indeed, you can eat apples.
Italian researchers surveyed 629 patients with cancer of the diet, a detailed analysis found that eating apples with less than a day compared to eating an apple a day can make more than colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk reduction of 9% -42%.
In addition to the traditional apple contains nutrients and dietary fiber, but also rich in flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants; and compared with other fruits, apples type of free higher proportion of flavonoids, which is more likely to be human absorption. These natural antioxidants
The genetic material dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage from oxidative stress, there is a strong anti-cancer effect.

reason 3: to eat an apple every day (preferably eaten with skin) can prevent stroke
The health benefits of apples, is the patron saint of women’s health. Best eaten with their skins to eat apples as compared with the apple flesh, apple high content of flavonoids, antioxidant activity is also strong, and can prevent stroke in elderly women. However, Apple may be in the process of planting

Large number of pesticides used in the consumption of apples, if not carefully cleaned when, stranded in the apple skin

reason 4: Apple includes several elements of effective prevention of heart disease
Apple is rich in folic acid, folic acid is vitamin b, the main component, it helps prevent heart disease. The antioxidants in apples help the healthy functioning of the heart, apple fiber, pectin, antioxidants and other ingredients can reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels,

Let “bad” cholesterol blocking the blood vessels than normal number of late, and “bad” cholesterol blocking the blood vessels sooner, it shows the greater risk of heart disease.

reason 5: Eat apples can prevent osteoporosis
Apple contains elements that enhance bone mineral boron and manganese. American study found that boron can greatly increase the blood estrogen and other compounds in the concentration of these substances can be effective in preventing calcium loss. Medical experts believe that menopausal women if the intake of 3 grams per day

Boron, calcium turnover rate so they can reduce 46% of menopausal women to eat more apples, is conducive to calcium absorption and utilization, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Reason 6: Apple to acidic substances in the human body
70% of the disease occurs in women who acidic, while Apple is an alkaline food, eating apples can be quickly and in too much acid the body (including the movement of acid and fish, meat, eggs and other acidic foods produced in the body acid metabolites), increased physical strength and resistance to disease.

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